I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus too, whether positive or negative.

The word vibe is often used to describe the mood or feeling that you pick up from someone or something.  For example, you may say you pick up a good vibe when you’re around a certain person.  Or you may say that you get a positive vibe when you walk in a certain part of a city or neighborhood.  In both cases, the word vibe is used to describe the mood or feeling you’re experiencing.  In short, vibe equals a mood or feeling.

Each one of us sends out either a positive or negative vibration.  In fact, you’re always sending a vibration.  Think about the expression “he gives off a good vibe”, or “this neighborhood gives me negative vibes”.

Negative vibrations (feelings) disappointment, loneliness, black, sadness, confusion, stress, anger, hurt.

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Positive vibrations (feelings) joy, love, excitement, abundance, dried, comfort, confidence, affection.

Every single moment of your life, you experience a mood or a feeling.  In this moment right now, the mood or feeling you’re experiencing is causing you to emit or send out a negative or positive vibration, and the universe is responding to that vibration you’re offering.  Right now, in this very moment, it is matching your vibration by giving you more of the same, whether positive or negative.

For example, when a person wakes up first thing Monday morning feeling a bit cranky and irritated, they’re sending out negative vibrations.  While they are sending out these negative vibrations, the universe responds by matching the vibration they are sending out and giving this person more of the same.  So this person gets out of bed, stubs their toe, burns their toast, gets stuck in a traffic jam, their morning client cancels and eventually find themselves thinking “I should’ve stayed in bed”.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, how about the salesperson who is joyfully excited about a huge sale they just made, thus sending out a positive vibration.  Shortly after, they make another great sale.  They find themselves thinking “I’m on a roll”.  In both of these examples, the universe is at work, unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring them more of the same, whether positive or negative.  Keep in mind it’s not the words that you are saying but the thoughts you’re thinking about when saying those words. Can you feel the difference in vibration between:

I love knowing that my ideal relationship is nurturing and uplifting.


My relationships are nurturing and uplifting.

In the first statement you’re saying that your ideal relationship is nurturing an uplifting and this applies whether you’re in one or not, your vibration is positive.

The second statement is an assertion that you already have a nurturing and uplifting relationship.  If that isn’t true for you, you’ll have doubt, which generates a negative vibration.

Another example: “I want to own a home.”  In that moment, the universe is orchestrating circumstances and events to bring it to you.  However, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably sabotage yourself by saying you can’t afford your own home.  Now you’re offering a vibration of doubt, which is in turn negative, and that’s what the universe is responding to.

Here are some examples of positive vibrations:positive mind, vibes and life

I love knowing that my ideal partner lives in my city.

I love how it feels when I’m doing a bank deposit for my business.

I’m excited at the thought of traveling with my partner.

I love the idea of having a full client base.

I love seeing myself making healthy food choices.

So I want to remind you to choose your words carefully, so that the thoughts you emit are positive ones.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life,

Julius Toltesi

References taken from the book “The Law of attraction” by Michael J Losier.

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