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Welcome to the gear closet

Below you will find some of the gear I use. Some of the links provided are affiliated links that will help out my site and channel by giving me a very small percentage of what you purchase. Check back as I add more items. ** ALWAYS COMPARE PRICES AS AMAZON IS SOMETIMES MORE $$$$**

Camera Gear

Sony A6400

Nice and small and takes great photos and video. I mostly use the 18-105 with this camera for video.


Make transporting your tripod easy. The lightweight, collapsible mini tripod easily fits into your backpack or even your pocket so you can travel to more awesome locations for photo and film shoots or even selfies.

Rode Video Micro

Small, lightweight, and haven't had any sound issues yet. Overall I really like it.

Sony 18-105

Great lens for video and photos when you only want to bring one.

Sleep System

MSR Hubba Hubba

3 season ( I used it in the winter also) 2 person tent. 1 person comfortable.

Teton Sports Pad

I love this pad. I use the green one that's insulated. I use it for all seasons.

Teton Sports -23 Altos Winter Bag

Been using this for a few years now and it's the best bag I've seen. The links keep changing so make sure you read the descriptions.

Teton Sports -7c Altos Summer Bag

Great summer bag. I upgraded from the Leef to the Altos. It's 1 pound lighter. The links keep changing so make sure you read the descriptions.

Cook System

GSI Pinnacle Stove

I use this stove all year long. It's better in the winter vs the pocket rocket since you can turn your gas can upside down for liquid.

Pinnacle Camper

I mostly travel alone so I don't take the extra cups but this is the best kitchen set for one or two.

Long Spork

If bag meals are your thing then no need to get your elbow full of food with this long spork.

MSR Fuel Cans

I've tried other gas like Woods etc and MSR are by far the best year-round gas. You can use this upside down for liquid with the GSI stove listed over to the left.