Baxter Mountain

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About Baxter Mountain

Baxter Mountain offers outstanding views and great blueberry picking in season, making it an excellent hike for the entire family.
It’s a mostly moderate, 1.2 mile hike to the first summit. The path begins at a moderate grade as it passes under a power line, then there’s a continuous climb over switchbacks for 0.8 mile, where the Beede Farm Trail comes in on the left. Go straight and work your way up a few steep steps to the first open rock. This first lookout is not the summit — that’s a bit farther along the ridge. Past the summit, a lesser-used trail descends to Beede Road in Keene Valley.
Trailhead: Leave Lake Placid on Route 73 and head west, toward Keene. Continue through Keene and turn left on Route 9N toward Elizabethtown. Continue for about 2 miles to the top of the hill and park at the trailhead on the right — look for the DEC sign. If you come to Baxter Mountain Tavern you have gone a bit too far.
Distance: 1.2 miles to the summit
Elevation: 2,440 feet
Ascent: 770 feet
Trip info
: June 9th, 2019
: Hiking
: Adirondacks
: 1 Days 0 Nights
: Open

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